How to Program your Aura Candle

Programming your Saint Pour Aura candle is simple.


At Saint Pour we find the best way to connect with your Aura Candle infused with crystals is by affirming your intention. Using this method infuses the candle with pure intention and purpose.


Hold the Aura candle in your hands (your left side is best because it's your receiving side).

Stand in pure light (outside or inside).


Then, say aloud:


I dedicate this candle to the highest good. I ask that it be used in love and light.


To program the crystal for a specific use, hold the candle in your left hand. Focus on the intended use of the crystal (healing a specific disease, protection or love).


Once you’ve ensured the crystal's purpose, finish the process by saying: I dedicate this candle for the (your purpose).




Sending you love and light


 Jessica xox

 Saint Pour