Saint seɪnt,s(ə)nt/


a very virtuous, kind, or patient person.


At Saint Pour we have always loved home decor, crystal healing and the nostalgia that a scent can create. In a hotel in London, the sweet sickly smell of watermelon oozed throughout the hotel, and to this day whenever I smell that fragrance I am transported to that time, that place, that beautiful holiday.

We have created a range of luxury healing candles, where the intent, the crystal and the essential oils have all been aligned to assist in opening the corresponding chakras.


We want you to feel like these candles will get you closer to your true self. They are specifically designed to stimulate the flow of chakras in your body, the energy centers. Each chakra is responsible for different areas of your life and when they are in balance, your life truly flows with infinite abundance. When you are in harmony with yourself you will find out that the Universe has bigger plans for you than you could have ever imagined. Our Aura candles are created to enhance your life, to help to balance each chakra, for healing, peace and creative energy flow.

For example if you feel out of balance in your love life or if you feel like you are not giving yourself enough love then you can light your Aura candle with the intent to give more love in your life. By giving more you receive more.


The scents for all our Aura candles are found in nature and will stimulate your senses and engage beautiful memories. Saint Pour "Aura" range of soy candles are 100% natural, using only the best soy wax which is vegan & kosher from pure soybeans and essential oils. Soy candles are natural and not made from petroleum, phthalates, dyes, parabens or sulphates like other candles which bring all sorts of toxins into the air you breathe at home and create indoor pollution.

I started Saint Pour to create beautiful candles and oils with meaning that I could safely burn around my daughter Sloane, fur baby Stella and my family and friends.

Since then, my interest in health and wellness has grown. To help further develop my knowledge and expertise in the area I recently qualified as a crystal healing and metaphysics practitioner.

Sending love & light

Jessica xx